tajA bit about me…

I am a strong, solution focussed individual who values building effective, respectful relationships to successfully lead a group of people who strive for excellence and want the absolute best for their customers.

I value positivity, openness and effective communication with my peers, whom I wish to encourage and motivate to think outside the norm and make the impossible possible.

In February 2014 I received the ‘woman of the future’ scholarship award. This provided me with the funds to continue in my chosen field of study. I am extremely proud of this award as I was chosen by many top New Zealand business women and their vote of confidence is hugely motivating. This award has given me the funds to strive for excellence and learn about things I have always wanted to delve further in to. With these learned skills I hope to contribute to the changes the digital marketing future brings and assist many travel companies in educating consumers on the exciting experiences they offer.

I currently work full time as a Team Captain in a Concentrix delivery centre, mainly focussed on quality, coaching and development and am currently completing two final papers (finishing in June) of a Graduates Diploma in Business majoring in Marketing. My final two papers are specialised in my chosen area which is digital marketing, I am completing a google analytics course and will be certified shortly. I have completed all compulsory papers, have a sound marketing background, hugely varied experience in customer service, sales and management.

My passion is travel. There are so many amazing places to see and I hope to get to them all!





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