TICK TOCK…How to boost your social media in 60 minutes or less



You can never have enough of it! And in the social media world, things change in an instant! You can go from having 1000 facebook likes to 50,000 over night, as well as the dreaded reverse.

There are many simple, easy to improve things on all social media strade-time-for-moneyites that lots of businesses have overlooked or rushed past when setting up, yet have a direct impact on reaching your audience and could potentially give your brand a bad rep.

This fantastic article by Ash Read, lists and explains 15 ways to boost your social media in under an hour, which could make a huge difference to many travel industry businesses.

On majority of travel industry social media accounts images play a very large part in engaging your audience and attracting more visitors, likes and shares. Yet there are many businesses who fail to ensure their profile images are the correct sizes.

YES something so simple is often skipped when creating accounts and makes the business look highly unprofessional.

Click here for a detailed cheat sheet to all the current sizes….your welcome! social-media-profile-picture-image-size

As social media platforms change in popularity all the time, its very common to have many different social media pages (some that may not be used as much as you used to i.e. Myspace) however its still very important to ensure branding is up to date. Even if your not using it regularly its still the internet (and going to be there a long time unless you do something about it) and anyone could find it!

AND AGAIN I REPEAT…HOW UNPROFESSIONAL old branding looks when a potential customer is trying to do a bit of research on which tour company they want to book with. To continue to build credibility as a brand andspring-cleaning-no-pattern business you must ensure consistency across all platforms, keep them up to date and relevant to ensure a good brand image is maintained.

Now the last point I want to touch on that the article highlights is using analytics, be it facebook insights, Twitter analytics or anything else. Analytics are generally quite easy to use and provide valuable information in relation to your performance, the type of audience you are and aren’t reaching and can highlight problem areas easily and make sure your social media gets you the results you were after in the first place!

There are 12 other EASY things you can do in this article to make big differences to majority of your social media platforms, I would encourage all travel businesses to give it a read and brush up on these few simple things!

Quick and simple folks.

And if your still not convinced these things can help your travel industry business, have a read of a few other similar articles below:

  1. http://www.forbes.com/sites/johnrampton/2014/09/22/7-free-ways-for-boosting-your-social-media-engagement/#5191b9b52562
  2. https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/248674
  3. https://blog.bufferapp.com/quick-wins-social-media-marketing






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