Live stream to keep your audience keen

AHEM, attention content writers..

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a video worth? The answer…

TWO MILLION WORDS (in a 1 minute video)

Images play a huge part in the travel industry, after all, what drives you to go Hot_Air_Balloons_Cappadocia.jpgsomewhere more than an incredible picture that you’ve seen where you mentally add the place to your ever growing bucket list!
If a picture first entices you, think how much more a video would motivate you to go and make that trip happen! Video has the power to see so much more in a shorter time frame and really experience a place.

Picture this… live streaming, from ANY location, to see what the place is really like! What you could eat, see, do and discover! Technology has allowed us to take that next step and gifted us with live streaming.


This fantastic article by Rebekah Radice explains the most overlooked (but simple) ways to use live streaming video to your businesses advantage, allowing you to connect with your audience on another level, you can’t go wrong with these stats!

  • online video viewing = 50% of all mobile traffic
  • video drives 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines
  • 90% of online shoppers said they find retailer videos helpful when making buying decisions.

snapThere are many different platforms off which to live stream but choosing one will depend on your target audience and your goals you wish to achieve whilst streaming. Some quite popular ones being periscope (owned by twitter), Meerkat, Facebook live and snapchat. For example, snapchats main audience is aged under 25.


The travel industry has had huge success with snapchat, especially with “festival followers”. Take Drew Binksy who has over 35,000 followers over his social media accounts and uses snapchat to live stream music festivals from around the world. Someone like Drew has huge potential for travel businesses to sponsor/partner with him and gain a whole new set of customers (influencer marketing-read more about this here).

In the article she also talks about some other ways to use live streaming to benefit your business such as:

  1. Creating an interview series- to contribute to your brand story/image and make it feel more personal.
  2. Giving a sneak peak-on up and coming promotions, specials or sharing big news for the business to gain hype and momentum.
  3. Live stream events in real time-make everyone feel like they are THERE at the travel expo hanging out with you at your businesses booth meeting people. Facebook live is perfect for this. 

All of these things contribute to customer engagement! An engaged customer is going to BUY more frequently, SPEND more in one transaction and BECOME more loyal to your brand, the value of this being priceless!

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Influencer Marketing – your new traffic driving hero?

Marketing has changed drastically in the last ten pjsyears with the changes in technology, the introduction of social media and the masses of information all available online. Power is now in the customers hands, anything and everything is one google search away! HURRAH for the customer who can now spend their Saturdays in their PJ’s (as it was always meant to be) rather than getting up and going in to a travel agency to ask a few questions about their dream vacation.
SO…how do businesses in the travel industry embrace these changes, remain successful and make money? Gone are the days of paid advertisements in todays content driven travel industry, they will no longer keep your business relevant, nor support your current business goals.

This article by Antonio Tooley simply explains how to use influencer marketing to boost your traffic and conversions. He highlights the importance of:

A) Knowing who your audience is.

B) Their social media preferences/patterns.

C) The creative uses a third party (an influencer within that industry) can provide.

Okay, so your a travel business and have embraced the new technologically developed world, you’ve got a website filled with fantastic educational content, a Facebook page and even an Instagram account yet you have barely any traffic to these? WHY?!

Okay, I’ll tell you. One word…           TRUST

y1qrhuyAs Tooley’s article says:

“people no longer turn to companies to inform them about what they want or need, they look to other people whose influence and expertise is valued among other users”

He suggests if your goals is to get more traffic to your sites and covert them into paying customers you need be where your customers will be and have the support of the people that matter within that industry.

There are millions of well trusted/respected influencers within the travel industry, be it travel bloggers, Vloggers or instagram stars.

Step 1: Start to build a relationship with these people, make the right connections with the right people.

Step 2: Adjust your brand around the content they are publishing.

Step 3: Promote their content on your social media pages and in turn they will hopefully promote yours.

By following these steps the customer is becoming aware of your brand via a well known, trustworthy and  most importantly INDEPENDENT source. Just to be clear, they ain’t getting paid to promote, but thats not to say a little thank you doesn’t go a long way. #travelblogtruth – If your interested in the importance of trustworthy content have a read.

trafficTherefore by leveraging off these influencers you will gain more traffic and become relevant in the travel industry once more.

Travel industry marketers –  once again I will repeat, paid ads have little power left. Embrace the change or get left behind.

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